Climb (Str) and Swim (Str) have been combined and renamed Athletics (Str). Any classes with Climb and/or Swim as a class skill now receive Athletics as a class skill.

Knowledge (Local) (Int) has been renamed Knowledge (Civilizations) (Int).

Knowledge (Nobility) (Int) is to be used not only for nobility and royalty but also for powerful persons, political figures, and factions.

Knowledge (Psionic) (Int) relates to the body of lore dealing with the phenomena of psionics in all its many manifestations. Knowledge (psionics) covers ancient mysteries, psionic traditions, psychic symbols, cryptic phrases, astral constructs, and psionic races. It can be used to identify psionic monsters and their special powers or vulnerabilities.

Feats with a prerequisite of Autohypnosis (Wis) will instead have a prerequisite of an equal number of Knowledge (Psionics) (Int) ranks.

Spellcraft (Int) will be used when identifying psionic powers and items.

Additionally, when making a Spellcraft (Int) check to craft a magical or psionic item, the crafter may increase the DC to craft their item by a cumulative +5 in order to craft an additional 1,000 gp worth of magical or psionic goods in a single 8 hours for each +5 added to the DC.


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