Planar Wizard

While other spellcasters may have a vested interest in particular planar viewpoints, the wizard prefers a more open policy toward the planes. To a wizard, the planes represent knowledge and power, and the wizard who can learn the secretes of the planes without regard to those planes’ alignments or other traits is a true master of magic. More so than many other classes, the wizard already has the ability to customize her abilities with an eye to the planes, simply through the spells she learns and prepares each day. If a wizard learns plane shift and planar tolerance, then the caster is self-customized to adventure on the planes. But the planar wizard goes a step beyond this adaptation, learning to channel the pure power of the planes themselves in her spells.
Hit Dice: d6


To take a wizard planar substitution level, a character must be about to take her 6th, 10th, or 14th level of wizard.

Class Skills

Wizard planar substitution levels have the class skills of the standard wizard class.
Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are features of the wizard’s planar substitution levels.

Unimpeded Magic (Su):

Planar Spellcasting (Su): A 10th-level planar wizard learns to channel planar energy through her spells. Upon gaining this ability, the wizard chooses to make her spells anarchic (chaotic), axiomatic (lawful), celestial (good), or fiendish (evil). Her spells gain the indicated alignment descriptor. The wizard can choose any of the four options, regardless of her own alignment. Against creatures of the opposed alignment, she gains a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance, and her spell save DCs are increased by 1. If she casts a spell that normally has the same alignment descriptor that he would apply, or whenever she casts a spell on a plane with an alignment trait that matches the alignment she chose, the bonus increases to +2. These effects apply only to the character’s wizard spells; any spellcasting ability gained from another class functions normally.

This benefit replaces the bonus feat gained by a standard wizard at 10th level, as well as the two spells a standard 10th-level wizard learns for free.

Enhanced Magic (Su): A 14th-level planar wizard learns how to channel he essence of a specific plane’s enhanced magic trait through her spells. Upon gaining this ability, a wizard must choose a specific plane that she has visited (other than the Prime Material Plane). Three times per day, the wizard may spend a standard action to channel that plane’s magical essence. The next spell she casts (if cast within 1 minute) is enhanced as if it she were casting it on that plane, applying any magic traits normal to that plane. This ability doesn’t apply to any other planar magic traits to the wizard’s spells, such as wild magic or impeded magic.

This benefit replaces the 7th-level spell slot gained by a standard wizard at 14th level. From now on, the wizard can prepare one less 7th-level wizard spell.

Planar Wizard

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