Pontus Varjo

Apprentice seer born under the Narceous Sky


Pontus Varjo was an apprentice seer and master of one moon from the prime material world of Vidalok. Pontus was the only son of Susie Varjo, single mother and former sausage festival champion. He was removed from his home and taken prisoner by members of the Harmonium when the faction invaded Vidalok, and was interned in a Rehabilitation Centre on Nemausus with the goal of correcting his violent behaviour and, eventually, bringing peace to his home world.

He experienced tremendous difficulty adjusting to life in the reformation facility and founded a dust smuggling ring, carving a position of power for himself in the underworld of the camp. He was respected and feared by many.

Pontus was segregated from the other patients when his dust was discovered and was put through a special re-education program. When he returned, he was unusually orderly clung to a new set of routines, until one day when his chair was incidentally destroyed. His inability to maintain his routine caused him to snap, and he began attacking guards and patients alike, screaming for his chair. The guards, unable to hold him down, beat him into unconsciousness, and he was taken away.

When Pontus did not return, Naedas made contact with the guardswoman Amalia and was informed that Pontus was dead.


Pontus Varjo

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