Act One / Episode - 03

Act One / Episode – 03
Session Date: May 03, 2012

In which companions are separated, achievements are charted, and a dust smuggling ring gets underway . . .

Naedas, Sitani, Pontus, and Taga are woken up at the same early hour as yesterday by an unknown woman with a long braid and her accompaniment of three guards. After casting Tongues, she informs them that they will be eating breakfast privately that morning, and the guards then lead them out of the room. Their four bunkmates speculate in a foreign language on what could be happening.

The braided woman takes them down a small number of long, straight hallways, then shows them each to their own small interview room; each containing two guards, and a folded white uniform on a table. Sitani wears his uniform over his own clothing, Pontus gets dressed to begin with, and Naedas changes into the new clothing. Taga is not offered a uniform, and instead has a short conversation with Alim Sushen, the bureaucratic man who Planeshifted their group to Arcadia. After questioning Taga on what she is and where she comes from, Alim sends her back to her home plane.

The boys are returned to their own room after they have eaten breakfast, though Pontus has a small confrontation with his guards, as they grab him and hold him down when he casts a Prestidigitation. Naedas, aggrieved by Taga’s loss, resolves to become as contrary to the treatment as possible, while Sitani remains certain they will be released soon.

Time passes, and the three get to know their bunkmates better. They learn that Jeremy, a half-elf, is from the plane of Arborea and is a member of a group called the Society of Sensation; Samilda Gyllenfalt is from the plane of Ysgard, and prescribes to the belief that anything she can take should be hers; Nedarilth is a tiefling from Plague-Mort, and is something called a Xaositect, which is not entirely uncommon here; and that no one believes Tim Ocher is from Sigil. They also discover that Ned is quite a bully, and he especially targets the comparatively defenceless Tim. Sitani and Pontus stop Ned from bullying Tim, tying him up in Naedas’ uniform, and Sitani takes Tim under his wing, teaching him philosophy and martial arts the same way his master taught him.

Their grasp of the language the Harmonium have been teaching them improves, and while Sitani works hard toward earning task-centric badges to pin on his sash, Pontus begins smuggling dust and dirt into the mess hall to change the flavour of their repetitious meals.

The boys encounter Barbara again, this time in their group therapy sessions. Every week, Barbara has been delving further and further into the tragic story of her life, beginning with her origins as a foundling. She goes so far as to speculate that her father was a noble, and her human mother was forced to get rid of her to hide the evidence of his affair.

Over the past month, she has been adding to this story, and though she began modestly and small, she is now occupying extravagant portions of the session’s time. When Barbara begins to apologize gratuitously for everything she’s done wrong in her life, and thank the Harmonium for helping her turn her life around, Sitani calls her out as a liar. Barbara’s Considerate Citizen merit badge is stripped from her, and given to Sitani.

A year passes by and they are still receiving treatment from the Harmonium. They begin to notice a strangely behaving guard named Amalia following them and watching their classes. Pontus’ dust smuggling empire has expanded to include grass, dirt, and other fauna he scrounges up during his field time.

Act One / Episode - 02

Act One / Episode – 02
Session Date: February 22, 2012

In which Good and Just Ideals are fought for, peace is strived toward, and unlikely persons are forced together under unfortunate circumstances . . .

Following their surrender, Naedas and Taga are escorted down the road by the red-clad warriors alongside the single bandit capable of recovering from Pontus’ colour spray, while Sitani, Pontus, and the unconscious bandits are carried. The foreign warriors’ glaive-wielding leader adds four more ruffians to his retinue during the march before they arrive at their destination, a large tent encampment. Separated briefly from Sitani and one of the bandits while their more fatal wounds are tended to, they are deposited together in a tent under a light guard, and no efforts are made to strip them of their possessions.

Once they have recovered and are all awake, threats are exchanged between the young men and the bandits that had attacked them. Pontus draws a dagger and, when he begins casting a spell, is restrained by one of the guards while the other leaves the tent briefly. Returning with a robed woman, she shortly assesses the situation and determines Pontus’ spell had been non-threatening, then has some soup brought for the detainees. Suspecting it could be contaminated, Naedas staggers his consumption of it.

The three young men decide to sleep in shifts, concerned that the bandits may try something, and during Naedas’ watch the bandit leader Barbara suggests a truce. Believing she can speak freely in front of the evidently foreign guards, she offers to give up both her weapons to Naedas if he and his friends will help her and her men to escape, but Naedas is unwilling to trust the woman who had nearly killed Sitani in a failed robbery earlier that same day.

All are awoken at the crack of dawn the following morning and led out into the middle of the camp. There, a long-faced bureaucrat speaks to them in Auran (which Pontus and Naedas understand), informing them that they are being transported in order to be processed. Believing they are being taken to a trial, Naedas and Sitani eventually convince Pontus to agree to the transportation, and they all join hands.

Following the bureaucrat’s spell, they find themselves in a foreign land, and Pontus is able to identify it as the Outer Plane of Arcadia. Deeply disturbed, they attempt to plan an escape, but the bureaucrat — evidently under the effects of a Comprehend Language spell — suggests that they shouldn’t try anything, or he will be forced to stop them with his spells.

After showing them to a more permanent military base, they are interviewed by a silver-haired elven woman, who casts a communal share language spell before stressing that they, a group of people called the Harmonium, are helping them. She explains that their world is full of strife, war, and suffering, and that her people only wish to help make it peaceful and safe instead. Though gentle, the woman remains convinced she is doing the right thing, even when faced with outrage from her charges.

Following the short interview, the young men are at last separated from the bandits, and shown to a transitional room with four cots until permanent arrangements can be made for them. When called for dinner, they attempt to gather information from the other inmates, and find that most are criminals being detained against their will.

Naedas and Sitani wake up at the gong early the following morning, but Pontus oversleeps and misses breakfast. When the elven clerk comes to their room after they return from the morning meal, she is outraged to find Pontus is still sleeping. When he is finally awoken she averts her eyes from his naked from while the guards assist him to dress, then insists he must make his bed before they can be shown to their new quarters, which they share with four other people.

Their first full day being held in the camp is highly regimented and filled with many tedious tasks, including lessons in the language the foreigners speak, drills to stand straight and in an organized line, group therapy, and running laps before bed. When the day is finally over, the young men are glad for the opportunity to rest.

Act One / Episode - 01

Act One / Episode – 01
Session Date: January 01, 2012

In which persons of great destiny will meet, lightning will be fought, a potent prophecy will be spoken, and important events will unfold . . .

Naedas Lutand, a young nobleman, and Sitani Wo, a fledgling monk, travel to the township of Danaris for the Festival of the Sixteen Moons. Together with Pontus Varjo, apprentice to a local seer and master of one moon, the three of them are to undergo a right of passage, travelling to see the well-respected seer that lives on the lake outside Lightspring, from whom they will receive their first prophecy.

The trio departs after enjoying sausages prepared by Pontus’ destitute single mother, and while they travel Naedas introdues the others to Taga, his Eidolon. A dangerous lightning storm starts unexpectedly, and the young men defend themselves from a group of Elemental Creatures that crashed down to the ground.

Pontus, injured in the fight, is carried the rest of the way to Lightspring by Sitani, and they are welcomed into an inn to stay the night. In the morning they are met by the androgynous 13-year-old apprentice to the sear (and master of nine moons) Ahna, who had been waiting for them. Ahna guides them across the lake, though Sitani chooses to swim across fearing reprimand for not accepting the challenge.

When they meet with the Seer, he seems distracted and exhausted. Though he claimed to have spent the last several months studying prophecies relating to the trio, he seemed uninterested in giving them the prophecy that will make them adults. When they finally get their prophecy, Pontus interrupts numerous times to disrespect the seer and attack the validity of the divination school.

The seer becomes frustrated and leaves to another room, waiting for the trio to show themselves out. After consulting Ahna on why his master was so agitated, and asking questions on the other work the seer has been doing, the apprentice rows them back to shore — with the exception of Sitani who, once again, swims.

The trio become upset when they notice they are being watched by a woman dressed in brown leathers, but they spend some time debating if they should pursue her, and are subsequently unable to follow her trail.

Bandits attack the group while they make their way back to Danaris, and though Sitani falls early in the fight to the bandit leader, Pontus uses his spells to incapacitate the majority of them. Armoured figures speaking a foreign language approach at a run, and after their leader casts Detect Chaos on the conflict they fan out and begin incapacitating all involved parties. Naedas and Taga surrender, but Pontus casts Acid Hands on the already incapacitated victims of his Colour Spray, then begins beating them further with his hands. When a Calm Emotions spell is unsuccessful, the armoured figures are forced to beat him unconscious.


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