Season One / Episode Two

In which Good and Just Ideals are fought for, peace is strived toward, and unlikely persons are forced together under unfortunate circumstances . . .

The foreign warriors escort Naedas and Taga to their temporary base, a large tent encampment. They carry Pontus, Sitani, and the unconscious bandits, and add four more ruffians to their retinue during the march. Sitani and one of the bandits, both of whom were injured fatally, are taken elsewhere while the rest of the group is put under a light guard. No efforts are made to strip them of their possessions.

Upon regaining consciousness, Sitani, Naedas, Pontus and Taga exchange threats with the bandit crew. Pontus begins taking aggressive action and is restrained by the guards. A a robed woman is brought in to assess the situation, determining that Pontus’ spell had been non-threatening. She orders soup to be brought for the detainees. Naedas staggers his consumption, suspicious of potential contamination.

The group sleep in shifts, wary of the bandits, and during Naedas’ watch the bandit leader Barbara suggests a truce. Believing she can speak freely in front of the foreign guards, she offers to give up both her weapons to Naedas if he and his friends help her crew escape. Naedas refuses.

At drawn, a long-faced bureaucrat addresses the group in Auran, informing them that they are being transported for processing. Believing they are being taken to a trial, Naedas and Sitani convince Pontus to comply. The buraucrat cats a spell, transporting himself and all detainees to a foreign land identified by Pontus as the Outer Plane of Arcadia. Deeply disturbed, they attempt to plan an escape, but the bureaucrat (able to understand their language) suggests they don’t try anything lest he be forced to stop them with his magic.

Taken to a military base, they are interviewed by a silver-haired elven woman, who uses a communal share language spell to communicate. She claims that her people, a group called the Harmonium, have intervened in order to help them. She explains that their world was full of strife, war, and suffering, all of which the Harmonium aim to end. Though gentle, she is nonetheless convinced of her virtuousness, even when faced with outrage from her charges.

Following the interview, Naedas, Sitani, Pontus and Taga are separated from the bandits and provided temporary accommodations. They are taken to a large dining hall for evening meal and learn that the others here are primarily criminals detained against their will.

A gong sounds the following morning, and Pontus oversleeps, missing breakfast. When the elven clerk arrives midday, she is outraged to find Pontus in bed. Averting her eyes from his naked form, she orders the guards to dress him, then insists he must tidy his bed before the group can be shown to their permanent quarters.

The rest of their day is highly regimented and filled with numerous tedious tasks, including lessons in the foreigners’ language, drills in proper posture and forming orderly lines, group therapy, and running laps before bed.



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