Act One / Episode - 01

Act One / Episode – 01
Session Date: January 01, 2012

In which persons of great destiny will meet, lightning will be fought, a potent prophecy will be spoken, and important events will unfold . . .

Naedas Lutand, a young nobleman, and Sitani Wo, a fledgeling monk, travel to Danaris for the Festival of the Sixteen Moons. Together with Pontus Varjo, apprentice to a local diviner and master of one moon, they embark on a journey to visit the seer of Lightspring and receive the first prophecy of their lives, a coming-of-age ritual that will make them adults. Pontus’ destitute single mother prepares sausages for the trio before they leave.

On the road, Naedas introduces Sitani and Pontus to Taga, his Eidolon and muse. A lightning storm breaks out and a group of tiny elementals crash to the ground and aggress on the group. Pontus is injured in the fight and Sitani carries him the rest of the way to Lightspring, where they are welcomed into an inn to stay for the night.

In the morning, the seer’s apprentice Ahna (master of nine moons) rows Naedas, Pontus, and Taga across the lake to the seer’s tower; Sitani swims instead, seeing the lake as a challenge he must meet.

When the group reaches the seer he is distracted and exhausted. Though he claims to have spent months studying the group in various prophecies, he seemed uninterested in imparting the prophecy that will make them adults. Pontus interrupts the seer numerous times, attacking the validity of prophecy, until the seer becomes frustrated and leaves the room. The group consults the apprentice, who shows them out of the tower, inquiring about the other divinations the seer has been doing recently. When they are done, the apprentice rows them back to shore (with the exception of Sitani who swims again).

On the road back to Danaris, the four notice they are being watched by a woman dressed in brown leathers, but they take too long debating if they should pursue her, and are subsequently unable to follow her trail. They are attacked by bandits during their return to Danaris, and though Sitani falls early in the fight to the bandit leader, Pontus uses Colour Spray to incapacitate the majority of them.

Armoured figures speaking a foreign language approach at a run, and after their leader casts Detect Chaos on the conflict, they fan out and begin incapacitating all involved parties. Naedas and Taga surrender, but Pontus casts Acid Hands on the already incapacitated victims of his Colour Spray, then begins beating them further with his hands. When a Calm Emotions spell is unsuccessful, the armoured figures are forced to beat him unconscious.



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