The Goatswood Flayer

Sigilian Murderer


The Goatswood Flayer is a Sigilian serial killer known for removing the skin and jaws from their victim’s faces. They are known as “the Goatswood Flayer” because many of their killings have been centralised around the Goatswood district of the Hive. Arathiel Horgold underwent the Justiciar ritual and is hunting the Flayer. Sitani Wo, Naedas Lutand and Taga are also pursuing the Flayer because Shemeshka the Marauder suggested they could be Alim Sushen.

The flayer’s known victims to date are Cortez Eagy, Marlin Hargrave, Thaddeus Braggette, Titus Chamble, Karen Dufois, Nathaniel Hallstead, Santana Elofson, Grace Von Kedra, and Cordell Lockery.


The Goatswood Flayer

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