Samilda Gyllenfalt

Swordswoman interned at the Rehabilitation Center


Samilda is a swordswoman from the plane of Ysgard. She was interned at the Harmonium‘s Nemausus Rehabilitation Centre during the same period of time as Naedas Lutand, Sitani Wo, and Pontus Varjo. The four of them shared a cell together with Jeremy, Nedarilth, and Tim Ocher. She believed that might makes right, which was presumably the reason she refused to help Tim, and why she openly disapproved of Sitani’s actions defending the boy.

Samilda attempted to escape the facility following the Revolutionary League’s attack and her current fate is unknown.

Samilda was tall, with angular features and a pointed chin. Her eyes were a pristine, stormy grey, and her tightly braided hair was the colour of golden hay. She was very muscular and light on her feet, though could be prone to brashness. While her features were comely, she was no exceptional beauty, and any attractiveness her looks had granted her was typically undone by her ruthless outlook and disrespect for the average person.


Samilda Gyllenfalt

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