Loopwyn Nacklebell

Anarchist Priest of Baravar Cloakshadow


Loopwyn Nacklebell is a wandering priest of Baravar Cloakshadow who has insisted multiple times that he is a knight and a defender of the innocent, though he has been caught in a number of lies. He was present during the Revolutionary League‘s attack on the Harmonium’s Nemausus Rehabilitation Centre, and helped Sitani Wo, Naedas Lutand, Taga, and Tim Ocher to escape the destruction.

He has been evasive when asked what he was doing on Nemausus, stating simply that he was there “to protect people.” It is believed that he knows more about the camp and the attack that he is unwilling to share. Sitani was able to make him admit to knowing the winged woman responsible for the Planar Breach, but he has adamantly refused to answer any questions about her. He is believed to heavily dislike both the Harmonium and Gulbrand specifically.

Loopwyn is known to cast healing spells, and fights with a rapier and shield. He claims that Baravar Cloakshadow is a god of protection, though the god’s holy symbol has been shown to be a literal cloak and dagger.


Loopwyn Nacklebell

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