Unstable evoker interned at the Rehabilitation Centre


Lib is a prepared spellcaster who was interned at the Harmonium‘s Nemausus Rehabilitation Centre during the same period of time as Naedas Lutand, Sitani Wo, and Pontus Varjo. Pontus and Naedas met her during an Arcane Theory and Lawful Spellcasting workshop. She failed to earn the workshop’s merit badge and was forcibly removed after casting Icy Grasp on Pontus.

She was seen directing a Flaming Sphere while fleeing the facility during the Revolutionary League’s attack. Her current fate is unknown.

While in the camp, Lib seemed to be continually uncomfortable in her uniform, staining it bright colours with her fruit every day at lunch. She had short, curly hair, and her eyes were a vivid blue that looked unnatural on her face, better suited to a Siamese cat.



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