Cordell Lockery

The Flayer's Ninth Victim


Cordell Lockery was a male human and The Goatswood Flayer‘s ninth victim, found dead in an an alley off Radagast Street. He was killed on the 11th of Nimbus, in the 117th year of Hashkar’s Reign.

According to the Harmonium present at the crime scene, the victim had two primary sets of wounds: a puncture wound at his neck, believed to have killed him, and an active defense wound on his left hand, believed to have been the result of grasping for the killer’s weapon.

Arathiel Horgold and Tzenka Sobol were able to personally examine the body, and a series of small, needle-like punctures were found along the victim’s skull. They also concluded that the facial skin was removed with an expert level of precision.


Cordell Lockery

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