Bandit queen interned at the Rehabilitation Centre


Barbara was a bandit leader on the prime material world of Vidalok. Her gang attacked Pontus, Naedas, Sitani, and Taga when they were returning from their trip to see the Seer. The Harmonium appeared during their fight, quelled the violence, and took both sides prisoner.

Barbara was interned at the Nemausus Rehabilitation Centre along with Pontus, Naedas, and Sitani, and during the three years they were imprisoned together has repeatedly attempted to lie to them. Barbara is believed to be her real name.

During therapy sessions, Barbara would tell extravagant stories about her origins as a foundling and her noble heritage. Sitani called her out as a liar when she began to insincerely apologise for every wrong she had committed throughout her life.

One of Barbara’s two masterwork kukris was included in the bag of supplies provided by Amalia. It was sold to a weapons merchant in the Great Bazaar for 151 jinx and a silk coin purse. The whereabouts of Barbara herself are currently unknown.



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