Sstrange guard with an eye on Naedas


Amalia was a guard at the Harmonium‘s Nemausus Rehabilitation Centre. She was posted some time after the first year of Naedas Lutand, Sitani Wo, and Pontus Varjo’s imprisonment. Her behaviour was observed to be unusual on occasion, though the other guards did not appear to notice. She seemed to have an interest in Naedas and, on one occasion, stroked his cheek in an unlit broom closet (with gauntleted fingers) while exchanging information.

She rarely drew her sword or shield and had been seen casting spells more than once.

During the facilities’ collapse, Amalia provided Naedas, Sitani, and Tim Ocher with a bag of supplies and a Portal Beacon keyed to a portal that would get them out of Nemausus. She was seen to swiftly dispatch an Inevitable with a dagger drawn from a wrist sheath, cast a See Invisibility spell, and flee. Her current fate is unknown.



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