Alim Sushen

Harmonium bureaucrat of questionable morals


Alim Sushen is a Harmonium bureaucrat and spellcaster. He was present on Vidalok when Naedas Lutand, Pontus Varjo, Sitani Wo, and Taga were captured, and was the one to Plane Shift them to Arcadia and escort them to the Rehabilitation Centre. Upon arrival at the facility, he banished Taga from Arcadia, returning her to her home plane.

He is a young man with a long face and sagging cheeks. His dark hair is straight and meticulously parted, though not distinctly styled otherwise. He wears a pair of spectacles on his face, and his small eyes have a clear intelligent gleam to them. Though he has been seen to wear a chain shirt, he looked quite uncomfortable and unaccustomed to it; the remainder of his attire is clean, pressed, and businesslike. He is known to speak Auran.

His fate following the the Revolutionary League’s attack on the facility is unknown.


Alim Sushen

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