The Ruined Prime

Season Two / Episode Six

In which realizations dawn, storms strike, disguises are donned, cursed places traversed, and a curious cartographer pledges their assistance too readily . . .

Arathiel, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, and Margot wake up in the centre of a small forest clearing. An eerie silence permeates the area, and the bodies of the scaled dog-creatures have been left completely untouched by any sort of predator or scavenger, though grasses, weeds, and vines have crept up from the ground and begun growing over them, reclaiming the bodies into the earth.

They pick a direction and walk until they reach a shore with a wooden pier and a handful of decrepit rowboats. Picking out the best of the boats, they make their way across the expansive body of water and into the unknown horizon. It starts to rain, and then it starts to storm. The ship is overturned.

The group washes ashore and wakes up on a desolate beach near the hamlet of Bellhaven. The local people seem extremely mistrustful and suspicious, locking themselves in their homes, and their leader Mitzi LeBlanc emerges. With the aid of a Share Language spell, LeBlanc tells the strangers to leave, adding that they seek out Euthymia, an old witch living on the outskirts of town who communes with fairy spirits.

Euthymia tells the group that Vertwater Island, where they had come from, is a cursed place where only the fey roam. The people along the coasts are superstitious and mistrustful of magic, but the realms inland are ruled by mages. Euthymia suggests they travel to Greybay, a coastal city three days away, to obtain a map from the Cartographer’s Guild before making their way east to Wellshadow.

Arathiel, Stiani, Taga and Margot don large hooded cloaks to hide their inhuman traits, in order to raise less suspicion from the locals, and the group journeys to Greybay where they meet Nola Duffy, leader of the cartographer’s guild. Duffy has the group follow her to a private office where she discusses her world, reveals that she is a spellcaster, and tells them she will accompany them to Wellshadow personally. She gathers her supplies, including a horse and camping equipment, and they depart the city.



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