The Long Hall

Season Two / Episode Five

In which treasures are scoped, an endless way is walked, unfamiliar monsters are defeated, and a once-hot trail goes adrift . . .

Arathiel, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, and Margot emerge on the other side of the tunnel in a veritable dragon’s hoard; coins cover every inch of the floor, and jewelled objects of precious metal jut up from the money like glittering islands in the sea of coins. Three of the walls are smooth worked stone while a fourth is a rough, jagged cavern wall.

After requisitioning useful magical items from the hoard, the group kicks in a jammed door and heads down the corridor behind it. The hallway stretches on seemingly forever, though the end is always in sight and the other room is always only a handful of steps back. A fleshy morass of eyes and mouthes rises up from a series of repeating puddles in the ground, but is handily defeated.

When the group finally reach the end of the hall, they find the long-dead bodies of dozens of winged creatures scattered across the floor, each about the size of a cat. Their broken bodies are batlike and buglike at the same time, with two sets of wings, a long nose like that of a mosquito, and six legs each. There is no sign of whatever killed the creatures.

They ascend a set of stone stairs and emerge from the tomb, finding themselves in a lush, green forest, where they defeat four winged dog creatures and rest for the night, the killer’s trail lost.



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