The Goatswood Flayer

Season Two / Episode One

In which criminals are corralled, an operation is undertaken, and information is exchanged . . .

Sitani and Naedas purchase a rundown house in the Hive for themselves, Robert, Robert, and Jimmy, founding the Roundabout House, and keep Margot employed as a bodyguard. They set up utilitarian bedding on the main level for Sitani and the Roundabout House’s guests, while Naedas occupies the three bedrooms on the house’s second level. Sitani and his charges patrol the Hive at night, fighting crime and stopping evildoers.

On the morning of the 11th of Nimbus, Sitani rises to an unusual quiet. Looking out the windows, he finds Hiverunners Road to be deserved, devoid of its usual vagrants. Two Mercykillers, Arathiel Horgold and Tzenka Sobol, arrive and investigate the house. They explain that this is the house the Goatswood Flayer’s first victim died in.

Around peak, one of Shemeshka the Marauder’s tiefling guards delivers a packet of information to Naedas containing a list of dates and locations ostensibly related to Alim Sushen. Naedas and Sitani go to Arathiel and confirm that the information lines up with the Goatswood Flayer killings. Tzenka begins investigating Alim Sushen as a potential suspect.

That night when Sitani, Rob, Rob, and Jimmy go out on their patrol, Arathiel follows them. They prevent an attempted rape, tying the attacker up and bringing him back to the Roundabout House. Arathiel and Sitani debate whether Sitani’s Roundabout House is legal or ethical, but ultimately Arathiel agrees to assist Sitani to obtain some form of license for his operation. After Arathiel leaves, Sitani and his companions go back out on patrol, taking in eight more criminals. Two of them are deemed unrepentant and delivered to the Jail.



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