Further Down the River

Season Two / Episode Three

In which a pilgrimage is undertaken for the prospect of knowledge, a divide is crossed, an arduous puzzle is bestowed, and a cloying secret stays dark . . .

Naedas, Sitani and Taga accompany Arathiel into the Outlands to meet with the alchemist Gilles Søren. They depart on the 5th of Blooming, taking a portal from Sigil to the Gate-Town of Automata and then continue spireward on foot.

They cross the Ma’at river, jumping across a gap at the middle of an incomplete bridge, and then continue to make their way downstream toward Thebestys and into the fourth ring.

Upon reaching the Alchemist’s estate the group is welcomed into Søren’s home and provided lodging to rest from their journey. They discover that they are not the only house guests present, briefly meeting a coven of witches known as the Council of Three.

Arathiel shows the ichor from the crime scene to Søren, and though the alchemist is not immediately able to identify it, he agrees to continue to research the substance, contacting Arathiel immediately should he uncover anything.

They return to Sigil on the 16th of Blooming and check in with Tzenka Sobol, who reports that Severin Corma came forward with more information, stating that following his meeting with the Justiciar he met with his associates and determined that Ephrath, a Priestess of Shekinester and occasional colleague has seen Alim Sushen in the Cage recently.

Additionally, while Sitani and Naedas have been off-plane, the residents of the Roundabout House have acquired a number of ovens and begun baking and selling massive quantities of bread. Margot reports that these developments concern her, suspecting that a shapeshifter may have infiltrated the house.



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