Danger, Danger

Season Two / Episode Two

In which one sworn to wisdom is untrue to the truth, a mysterious material remains shrouded in secrecy, and a capricious friend comes forward . . .

On the 4th day of Blooming Tzenka shares what she’s found on Alim Sushen with Arathiel. Alim is not in Sigil, and her contacts in the City Barracks don’t know him. She spoke with Severin Corma, a suspicious Harmonium factioneer in the Temple District who claimed not to have seen Alim but was lying.

Naedas and Sitani tell Arathiel and Tzenka about the Nemausus Rehabilitation Camp, and Arathiel reports the incident to one of his superiors, a dwarven Justice Dispenser. Naedas and Sitani are offered protective custody.

Arathiel takes the mysterious ichor he found at the crime scenes to Wooly Cupgrass, an alchemist in the Market Ward, but Cupgrass is unable to make sense of it. Arathiel begins researching Alchemy himself and notes that the author of a book he found, Gilles Søren, lives in the Outlands.

Dolly comes to the Roundabout House and informs Naedas and Sitani that Gulbrand is in town looking to get revenge. The pair accept Arathiel’s offer for protection.



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