& Things That Don't

Season One / Episode Thirteen

In which illusions are affirmed, rubies are recovered,
a meeting is held in the back of a butchers shop, and
a sissy is finally sent home . . .

The group stands before Abacus’ mother, Evania Rex, in the hidden room of her home. She stares straight ahead, entirely unmoving and reacting to nothing as Abacus stammers out his intention to take a ruby from her, and while the group suspects this might be an illusion and not the real Evania Rex they are unable to confirm either way. They find a single large ruby in a hidden compartment among her jewellery and make their escape.

The following day, Abacus, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, Tim, and Margot attend their meeting with Pearl in Stephen’s Butchers, during which the titular butcher is also present. They share the information they possess on the Rehabilitation Facility, but omit all details concerning Amalia and Loopwyn.

The group then goes to the Triona statue, where the portal to Faerun is. They defeat a group of Doomguard factioneers guarding the portal site, then activate it and send Tim home.


In this episode, a shocking discovery is made!

Abacus Rex reveals himself to be a flumph and takes off to the far reaches of Sitani’s lustful imagination. Meanwhile, an indignant Naedas Lutand finds himself torn between the possessive beauties, Taga and Margot. Will his bifurcated frame be restored so he can unveil the heinous plot of Arathiel Horgold, or was this his last gasp? Does it matter? Perhaps not!

Arathiel’s head journies across the floor, leaving a trail of red. The sound of metal hitting stone pierces the silence as his body crumples. A slim man in white grins. Some guy with a sword bellows. A spire topples. A lady removes a robe, releasing a dozen dabi to enjoy a carnal feast. And from the aether, Pontus winks.


& Things That Don't


& Things That Don't

I can’t believe I wrote that.

& Things That Don't


& Things That Don't

I’m honestly surprised that you’re surprised.

& Things That Don't

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