Things That Move

Season One / Episode Twelve

In which a caper is cooked up, a stalker is caught, an estate is explored, hidden corridors are discovered, and a young man reunites with his mother . .

While scoping out the Rex Estate, Abacus, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, Tim, and Margot discover they are being watched by the air genasi woman they saw outside the Barracks previously. Upon cornering her in an alley, the woman introduces herself as Pearl and explains that she is an enemy of the Harmonium afraid for their safety. They arrange a meeting in a more secure location the following day.

Under cover of night, the group sneak into the Rex Estate, finding the inside of the home extremely unnerving. Passing through a series of empty corridors filled with strange traps and animated statues, they eventually discover a secret passageway leading to a hidden room where Abacus’ mother Evania Rex has been waiting for them.



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