Keep Starting Fires

Season One / Episode Eleven

In which a building burns down, an assortment of artwork is destroyed, men turn themselves into wolves, and rubies are actually really expensive . . .

Naedas, Sitani, Taga, Tim, and Margot leave Robert, Robert, and Jeremy at Anne‘s apartment for the day and make their way to the Market Ward. When they reach Abacus’ apartment smoke is pouring out of the windows. Sitani scales the building and chases a feral-looking woman he sees climb out of Abacus’ window, but she escapes him.

Abacus escapes the fire but loses his collection of artwork and detris. One of the arsonists is captured and taken back to Madame Sanguine’s for questioning, where it is discovered that the arsonist is a werewolf. The arsonist identifies their leader as Voirra Redclaw, and explains that his group are mercenaries that were hired to light Abacus’ apartment on fire while ensuring his survival, but he does not know who hired them. The werewolf is released in exchange for his information.

When Abacus speaks with the Harmonium about the arson he claims all three of the arsonists were able to escape.

The group is unable to extract information of worth from the Hall of Information’s excessive bureaucratic procedures, but find Ras’Aziz Saif-Al-Rusul, a merchant known for importing spices from Faerun. The spice merchant shares the portal he uses to travel to Amn, the Triona Statue in the Clerk’s Ward, a portal that can lead to a variety of different Prime Material worlds. They will need a Ruby for the Triona to open a portal to Faerun, which they cannot afford. Abacus suggests robbing his parents, and Virus and Evania Rex.



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