A Time for Tea

Season One / Episode Ten

In which ruffians aggress, footwear is frisked, hooligans are held captive, and an ultimatum is served alongside splendid teas and cakes at Madamme Sanguine’s . . .

Abacus, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, Tim, and Margot leave the Crimson Harpy and are accosted by ruffians. The ruffians attempt to mug the group but are handily defeated and, save for two that fled during the melee, are beaten into unconsciousness. Abacus and Naedas search the fallen bandits’ possessions, and eventually a consensus is reached to tie up their attackers and take them somewhere private for questioning.

The group travels by Pony Cab up to Dancer’s Court in the Market Ward, and at Abacus’ suggestion, they rent a private room at Madame Sanguine’s, a discrete cafe-slash-BDSM dungeon specializing in exotic planar teas. Utilizing the equipment available at Sanguine’s, the muggers are restrained and brought to consciousness. Sitani questions them on their motives, families, and life choices, before informing them that they will all be living with him from now on, while he teaches them responsibility and helps them to find honest work.

Abacus returns to his home alone, while Sitani, Naedas, Tim, Margot, and the three muggers – Robert, Robert, and Jimmy – go to Robert’s sister Anne’s home for the night. Naedas and Sitani sleep in shifts, and Naedas stops Anne from stabbing Sitani in his sleep.



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