Act One / Episode - 08

Act One / Episode – 08
Session Date: July 6, 2012

In which debts are repaid, accoutrements are acquired, appointments are made, and doors are walked through . . .

Busy streets and the cacophony of the crowd greet the travellers on the other side of the portal, and Abacus is quickly able to recognize Sigil’s Market Ward. Though the planar travel causes Tim to become sick, Loopwyn is eager to make his way to an appointment in the Clerk’s Ward, though he refuses to elaborate on the nature of the meeting. Unwilling to lose contact with the gnome completely, the others acquiesce, and follow him through the streets.

Loopwyn leads everyone to a dimly lit alehouse called the Screaming Hand, and though Sitani and Abacus are reluctant to enter, they eventually follow through the door. A redheaded woman with horns on her head shimmys on a stage, singing in a dusky voice, with a band playing behind her. Loopwyn sits at a table by the stage and looks quite irritated, though refuses to explain what they’re doing there or why he’s displeased. After finishing her song, the woman blows a kiss to the crowd and removes herself from the stage, but returns some five minutes later in less flashy clothing. Addressing Loopwyn as “Loopy,” she invites the gnome and his friends back to her dressing room.

The woman, Dolly, is vivacious and playful in conversation, and much about her manner seems to get on Loopwyn’s nerves. Though she laughs off most questions, she does indicate that she’d already been aware Loopwyn was escorting a group of primes through Mechanus, and she gleefully tells them the name of the winged woman opening the planar breach — Nerissa. After offering to speak with Nerissa on their behalf, and look for a portal that would get Tim back to Faerun, Dolly tells them to meet her the following night at the Crimson Harpy, a bar in the Lower Ward she’s scheduled to perform at.

Abacus, Sitani, Nadeas, Taga and Tim leave the Screaming Hand without Loopwyn. They head back into the Market Ward to Abacus’ home, a one-bedroom apartment above a barbershop on Turtle Lane, and regroup before making their way to the Lower Ward to deliver the package. Sitani, Naedas and Tim go outside to the Great Bazaar where they purchase new clothing for Naedas and Tim, and offload Barbara’s kukri for 151 jinx and a silk coin purse. They ask some of the merchants about Shemeshka the Marauder, and learn that Shemeshka is an information broker and an important figure in Sigil’s cross-trade.

When the group arrives at the Oarsman that evening, the barman appears to have been expecting them, and furthermore, expects them to hand the package over to him. After some deliberation over whether they should attempt to give it to Shemeshka in person, they agree to give the package to the barman, but insist that they have information Shemeshka will want to hear. They are told to go to Fortune’s Wheel the following day at eight hours after peak.



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