Act One / Episode - 07

Act One / Episode – 07
In The Spiral City
Session Date: June 21, 2012

In which civilization is found, spoils are sold, citizens are questioned, and slavery strikes . . .

Abacus, Naedas, Sitani, Taga, Tim, and Loopwyn approach the large spiral tower, discovering that the structure is a city called Axis. As they travel up the spiral they sell the spines harvested from the Quills and ask around about portals to Sigil. Abacus warns his companions that slavery is legal in Axis, and the group learns that there are Tso slavers in the city. Sitani is outraged by the presence of slavery, and determined to put an end to it. The others attempt to dissuade him from that course, and they compromise on an agreement to go see the slave market first.

They stay at an inn for the right, and in the morning continue their ascent of the axle, though they lose Tim in the crowds. Unable to find someone who has seen him, and uncertain how long ago they lost him, the group resolves to continue making their way toward the market. As they near their destination, they are approached by a tall, gaunt blue-skinned man with an unusual number of fingers. The man convinces them to speak with him privately, though he is found extremely suspicious.

Once alone in a rented meeting room, the man explains that he knows they are looking for a slave recently acquired by the Tso. He offers to buy Tim back for them, and direct them to a portal into Sigil, in exchange for a small service: the delivery of a package into the City of Doors. After some deliberation, the stranger’s offer is accepted.

The blue man produces the package with a flourish of magic; it is small, wrapped in a colourful cloth, and does not appear to be magical. He tells them to deliver it to ‘Shemeshka the Marauder’ at ‘The Oarsman’ in Sigil’s Lower Ward, and warns that his client will be upset if the package is opened before they receive it.

The man then leaves them alone in the meeting room, returning shortly with Tim in tow. He advises them to get out of Axis quickly, before they encounter more problems, and escorts them to the portal that will take them into Sigil.

The portal is activated, and they walk through.



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