Beyond the Labyrinth

Season One / Episode Six

In which friendships are formed, gears are crossed, dangerous divides are leapt, and many darks are discovered, divulged, declared, and demanded . . .

Naedas, Sitani, and Tim rise in the morning, finding that Loopwyn forewent sleep to keep watch at night. With Abacus still in bed, the escapees agree to keep an eye on camp while the little knight gets some rest. Naedas summons Taga and the pair catches up privately in an adjacent corridor.

When Abacus wakes up, the group breaks camp and explores the corridors, sharing Abacus’ small stores of food and water between them. They question Loopwyn on the events of the previous day, but Loopwyn is unwilling or unable to answer most of them, firmly restating that he is a protector and was there to protect people. He eventually confesses that he does know the flying woman with rainbow wings, but refuses to share information about her. They find a group of Quills, which they kill, skin, and harvest for meat and quills.

Leaving the Maze, the group reaches Mechanus’ surface and encounters a hostile group of Formians. During the battle, Loopwyn brandished his Holy Symbol of Baravar Cloakshadow, a literal cloak and dagger, which is deemed suspicious for a god of protection. When they reach the edge of the gear, Loopwyn, Sitani, and Abacus jump to the next gear, while Naedas and Tim are carried by Taga one at a time.

As they march, the group continues to question Loopwyn, who becomes agitated and sharply warns he will abandon them to fend for themselves if they continued. The sky turns dark and eventually, the group spots a strange axel-like tower in the distance, connecting their gear with a second one in the sky. Small, dim lights glow all along the tower. The group makes camp for the night, deciding to approach the tower in the morning.



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