Act One / Episode - 06

Act One / Episode – 06
Session Date: June 7, 2012

In which friendships are formed, gears are crossed, dangerous divides are leapt, and many darks are discovered, divulged, declared, and demanded . . .

Naedas, Sitani, and Tim awoke in the morning to discover their new companion and guardian Loopwyn Nacklebell had gone without sleep, instead staying up the whole night to keep watch. With Abacus still in bed, the escapees agreed to keep an eye on camp while the little knight got some rest. Several hours passed, during which Naedas summoned Taga and went alone to an adjacent corridor to catch up with her privately.

When Abacus woke up, he expressed his doubts that anything dangerous would have found them inside the maze, but Loopwyn’s unease and suspicions remained. They wandered through identical stone halls for some time, sharing Abacus’ small stores of food and water between them and questioning Loopwyn on what had happened on Nemausus. Loopwyn was unwilling or unable to answer many of their questions, again stating quite firmly that he is a protector, and was there to protect people. He is eventually made to confess that he knew at least one of the other people there — the flying woman with rainbow wings — but resolutely refused to share anything about her.

Eventually the group encountered a family of Quills attempting to burrow through the walls. Recognizing that Quills are commonly hunted for food, the group resolved to kill the creatures, and though the beasts quickly startled and shot out their quills, Abacus rendered them defenseless with a Colour Spray spell and they are easily dispatched.

Loopwyn’s Holy Symbol

The group sets out again, with the Quills skinned and their meat and quills harvested, eventually finding their way out of the maze and up onto the surface of one of Mechanus’ gears. Though disoriented still, they picked a direction and began to walk, noticing small burrows and clumps of dirt on the hard-looking ground. They encountered a hostile group of Formians, and Loopwyn charged them with his sword and shield drawn, attracting the attention of the ant men while the others were able to defeat them. During the battle, Loopwyn brandished his Holy Symbol of Baravar Cloakshadow, which in fact looked to be a literal cloak and dagger. The symbol was deemed suspicious for a god of protection by most of the group.

Though tired from the trials of their day they pressed on, eventually reaching the gears’ end. Loopwyn leaped across first and though he couldn’t the chasm, he caught himself on a gear tooth and pulled himself up. Sitani became quite worried about how the others would make the jump, while Abacus scoffed at his concerned and made a carefree successful leap. Sitani nonetheless insisted that Taga carried Naedas and Tim across one at a time.

They marched across the second gear for some time, continuing to question Loopwyn about the attack on Nemausus and what their plan had been. The small knight became agitated with the questions and sharply insisted he would abandon them to fend for themselves if they continued. After sky above them turned dark, the group spotted a strange axel-like tower in the distance, connecting their gear with a second one high up in the sky. Small, dim lights glowed all along the tower, from the bottom to the top. Though resolved to explore the tower, the group decided to make camp for the night and approach it in the morning.



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