The Collapse

Season One / Episode Five

In which one dedicated to order makes a stand against order, chaos is wrought in the lawful planes, and new allies are found . . .

Sitani, resolved to make a stand against Gulbrand’s oppression, approaches the paladin when he enters the mess hall in the morning, handing over his sash and badges and declaring that the badges are meaningless. Gulbrand orders him to return to his seat, but Sitani is defiant and begins removing his uniform. Guards take him to a solitary cell.

Sitani refuses to put his uniform back on. When Adelle is unable to persuade him to re-dress himself, and he goes several days without food, Alim Sushen attempts to use powerful magic to compel him. Sitani remains defiant, allowing the spell to sap his energy instead of complying. After two days Amalia sneaks in, urging Sitani to wear the uniform, saying the spell will kill him if he doesn’t. She also offers to disguise his old clothing as a uniform that will satisfy both the guards and the spell. Sitani accepts, but when he notices his strength returning, he quickly removes the uniform again for as long as he can safely manage. Months pass in this manner, with Sitani taken into solitary confinement each day he removes his uniform. Pontus Varjo does not return and Amalia states that he died.

Just before Sitani and Naedas’ second full year in the rehabilitation facility, they wake up in the dead of night, suddenly and simultaneously, to an unusual sensation. They can see their bunkmates are also awake. Ned gets out of bed to investigate, but is knocked to the ground as the wall smashes apart, bricks flying across the room. The cell door jumps in place impossibly before it is knocked ajar, hinges grinding loudly as the door swivels open.

Ned leaves the room first, followed shortly after by Jeremy and Sam. Out the window, there is only darkness. When further crashes and explosions are heard, Sitani, Naedas, and Tim leave to investigate. Naedas discovers the facility is no longer Dimensionally Anchored, and is finally able to resummon Taga.

As the four explore the facility’s empty halls, they see a small flying creature with a single large eye; it clearly looks at them before flying on, and Taga identifies it as an Inevitable. They make their way to the solitary rooms and search every room they can access, finding them all empty. Amalia appears, offering the group a bag of supplies and activates a Portal Beacon scroll to lead them toward their escape. Another small Inevitable flies past and Amalia quickly stabs it with a concealed dagger, killing it in one blow. She casts a See Invisibility spell and, after looking startled, quickly flees. The group follows, hearing heavy metal footfalls chasing after her, but lose her in the maze of crumbled walls and broken doors.

The building begins losing its form, the ceiling tearing off and walls smashing to pieces. The outside is chaos. A winged aasimar woman floats above the facility casting a complex spell, surrounded by four snake-tailed women, each with a mask and a pair of rainbow-feathered wings, who protect her while she concentrates. A handful of warriors tear into the Harmonium guards and an alien-looking bowman assists them from the air.

As Naedas, Sitani, Taga and Tim manoeuvre through the hectic battlefield, the aasimar finishes her spell: Precipitate Breach, a spell that creates a tear between the planes. A host of monstrous creatures spill out of the planar tear and Gulbrand immediately turns his attention on them. Though he is able to make quick work of the beasts, there are too many for him to drive them back alone.

Deep fissures cut into the ground and steep, sudden cliffs rise out. Wreckage can be seen everywhere, with twisted metal doors sticking out from the earth and piece of blown up walls and ceiling covering the ground.

A group of red-plated insectoid creatures leap up from one of the chasms, blocking Sitani, Naedas, Taga and Tim’s escape, and a bizarrely-proportioned tiny swordsman suddenly appears to help beat them back. Taga sweeps the swordsman up onto her back and together they all safely reach the portal. The swordsman introduces himself as Loopwyn Nacklebell, and he adamantly insists he is a knight and a protector. He activates the portal and all five of them rush through.

Exiting the portal, the five bump into a stranger who introduces himself as Abacus Rex. He shows an unusual interest in Taga before inviting them all back to his camp. Though Loopwyn warns Sitani and Naedas not to be too free with the details of what they just saw, they vent to Abacus about their experience with the Harmonium and everything that’s happened. Abacus offers to help them start a new life in Sigil, and they all rest for the night.



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