Act One / Episode - 04

Act One / Episode – 04
Session Date: May 17, 2012

In which the weak give up their friends, administrations are changed, and a volatile wizard is beaten bloody and dragged away . . .

The boys endure in the Arcadia Rehabilitation Camp; Sitani works toward earning more of the merit badges, while Pontus expands his dust smuggling ring and Naedas remains delicately defiant. They continue to protect Tim from Nedarilth and Samilda’s torment, and Tim finally confesses why the Harmonium took him.

Pontus is caught engaging in sexual activities with a fellow patient in the mess hall, and is promptly taken to a small square room to sit by himself. He yells and screams to the guards, then to himself, but is left alone in the room for the full day.

The next morning, those patients not in solitary confinement are woken a half-hour ahead of schedule to gather in the main hall. A heroic-looking armoured figure, bearing the Harmonium’s symbol on the clasp of his cloak, walks up to the podium and announces that Ms. Adelle is no longer in administrative control of the facility — he is. He gives a brisk speech, stating that he will cure his patients and they will thank him for it once they can think healthily, then exits. Sitani and Naedas ask a guard about their new leader on their way to breakfast, learning that he is Gulbrand, a Paladin of the Cudgel that was called in from the Abyss. The guard is clearly very impressed by Gulbrand, even gushing that Gulbrand could wade into Blood War battles and emerge victorious over both sides. Later, Naedas asks Amalia for information, and though she is willing to answer some of his questions, when Naedas brings up Gulbrand she ends their conversation by pretending to be attacked; other guards forcefully return Naedas to his meal.

Around midday, Sitani, Naedas, and the other residents of their room (with the exceptions of Tim and Pontus) are relocated to new quarters, as Pontus’ disturbance has prompted a search of their previous room. When Tim returns that evening, he has earned a new badge, and though he tells Sitani that he earned it by preventing a riot from taking place Sitani knows this is not completely true, and after further questioning Tim admits that he informed on Pontus.

Meanwhile, once Pontus has finally settled down, the door to his cell is opened by a familiar elven woman: Adelle. He tells her off several times, prompting her to slam the door and leave him alone again each time, but eventually he agrees that he is ready to behave. Adele makes him change into new clothes, and though he attempts to change only his pants, he is foiled by Arcane Marks on the new garments.

When Pontus is finally released from solitary confinement, he is shown to the new room, and becomes highly agitated when he is told they were relocated, frantically asking if the guards found his burrs or collected his dust. Naedas is able to confirm that the guards only found two burrs inside of his mattress, and Pontus begins frantically drawing up a plan to retrieve his remaining burrs from the other room. Tim, with encouragement from Sitani, confesses his betrayal to Pontus, and Pontus becomes extremely angry, yelling at Tim and insisting that Tim has doomed them all. Tim weeps pathetically.

The following day, Pontus refuses to behave in an orderly fashion, and exhibits poor posture and self control. When he talks back to the guards he is taken back to solitary confinement, and as he is taken away he calls out to Naedas, insisting that they must carry out his plan. Tim disappears once again, and when he is seen at the end of the day, he confirms that the Harmonium questioned him once again on Pontus’ activities.

Over the following days, Gulbrand begins making changes to the way the facility is run. The guards are no longer so friendly with the inmates, a seating plan is enforced at meals and in classes, and punishments grow harsher. Patients can no longer sleep in and miss their meals and classes, they are woken forcefully each morning. Pontus is in and out of solitary confinement for some time, until eventually he is taken to “Special Education,” where he remains for over a month.

When he finally does return, he appears to be calm, complacent, and enjoys following directions, but his sleep is unsound. One day a fight between patients breaks out in the mess hall, during which one of the legs on Pontus’ chair is smashed off. He becomes obsessed with righting it so he can sit back down in ‘his chair.’ A guard attempts to take the chair away, assuring Pontus they will bring him a new one, but Pontus loses control of himself. He attacks the guard with his Burring Hands spell, making him drop the chair. The guard retaliates with his sap, and Pontus fights back. More guards move on Pontus to subdue him, and he repeatedly casts Burning Hands on them until he is brought down. A number of other patients swarm the guards during the chaos, in addition, but all are subdued. Pontus’ body, unconscious and bloody, is rushed from the mess hall.



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